Barnwood Point

This spectacular totem was inspired by the 'Angel of the North' sculpture.
It sits on the entrance if the new 'Barnwood Point' Industrial Estate outside Gloucester City Centre.
More than just a high impact wayfinding initiative Croudace were keen to deliver a public art work for the local community and their fantastic new industrial estate.
With a design life of over 50 years this monolith is built to last. Over the years the patina of the cladding will change and settle into landscape, becoming successively darker..
The scale is designed to allow a clear view of the sign from both the busy A road and the rail line on the opposite side of the industrial estate.

Standing at 12 meters this innovative design cantilevers from a galvanised steel central structure.
The cladding is 2mm Corten A. This has been punched and through face riveted to the face of the steel angles of the structure.
The panels were applied mill finish, allowing them to patina in situ.
The illumination is designed to provide subtle wash illumination through the perforations.

Client: Croudace Properties
Scope: Design, manufacture and installation


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