Corten Cladding

NES Architectural are experts in the design, fabrication, patina and installation of Corten Cladding.

For available sizes see Description tab.

Design considerations include:

Water management of the runoff from the cladding. Famously the former U.S. Steel Tower in Pittsburgh stained the pavement with rust from the facade.

Patina. Mill finish (grey) sheet can be supplied for rusting in situ or pre-rusted "Patina". Generally it is preferred to have the panels rust when on the building. This is because it is cheaper and easier to handle the panels on install. There are instances where not all of the panels are exposed to the elements (on a soffit or entrance reveal say) and pre rusting is needed.

Lacquer. For internal use a clear matt lacquer can be used to prevent the rust be brushed off on clothing or washed off during cleaning. NES have considerable experience with the testing of different lacquers that perform without altering the visual effect of the rust.

Perforation and back illumination is a popular architectural add on. NES Lightline division has a full range of back lit and edge lit solutions. The perforations can be pre punched sheet or bespoke pattern

We offer chemical blackening of Corten Cladding as an extra. This maintains the organic inconsistent texture of the rusted finish, while providing a dark aged effect. Rather than a true black the dark browns are still visible dependant on viewing angle and light levels.

A full range of samples is stocked for architects or professional specifiers needs.

If you would like more information please get in touch with Michael Irwin, Account Manager, by emailing

Available sizes:
Stock sheet Coiled Sheet (MOQ 130 sq. m)
1.5 and 2mm
4, 6, 8 and 10mm
- - 1m x 8m
1m x 8m
1.25m x 2.5m
1.25 x 2.5m
1.14m x 8m
1.14m x 8m
- - 1.25m x 8m
1.25m x 8m
- - 1.4m x 8m
1.4m x 8m
- - 1.5m x 8m
1.5m x 8m
- - - 2m x 8m
Rain Screen Cladding Systems will typically have the following benefits:

• Speed of installation
• Wide variety of materials, finishes and colours
• Cost effective solution
• High levels of fire, acoustic and thermal performance
• Highly resistant to all weathers

Fixing systems:

• Invisible fix hook on system with pins
• Invisible fix hook on system with hooks
• Dishpan with through face fix
• Interlocking plank
• Bespoke fixing system

Corten Cladding Example Projects

Follow links below to review some of our recent works

For pricing please call 01206 843200 or email Michael Irwin, Account Manager

The more information that can be provided, the faster, more accurate and definitive we can be with our pricing.
Ideally, a full drop box including CAD, .pdf, architectural visualisations and NBS Specifications will be provided.
Typically we like to offer a range of materials, fixing systems and finishes.

These should be broken down into:
• Survey
• Design (drawing up, workshop drawings and structural calculations)
• Manufacture
• Installation.

For jobs under 100 square meters we would generally offer a supply only price. This is due to the project overheads of RAMS, project managers, legal contractual’s, credit insurance, design detailing, site liability insurance etc. We have a list of accredited installation contractors through the UK that we can make available in these instances.