Playboy Smoking Terrace

Combining form and function.

NES was asked by the architects Jestico & Whiles to work with them to design and manufacture the roof terrace canopy of a new casino in central London.

Their concept was for the canopy soffit to the clad with architectural rain screen panels which could incorporate a piece of artwork to give the space an individual form. The client did not want standard panels with a retro-fit graphic, which is why we proposed bespoke panels with high resolution UV printing; something we specialise in.

The ACM (aluminium composite material) panels were machined and then put through the NES flatbed printed. Special care was taken in referencing the image to each panel in order to create a large seamless graphic on the installed soffit. The panels were then folded to form part of the canopy to fix onto the structural steel frame. NES are able to fabricate, digitally print and roll ACM at sizes up to 7 meters x 2 meters.

The NES installation team worked alongside Phelan Construction to bring to life the architect's vision.

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