Wayfinding Systems

All of our wayfinding systems are designed and manufactured in the UK .

Our sign systems allow a single visual identity that can be consistent throughout the premesis.

Having robust sign system at the core of your wayfinding scheme allows for easy maintenance.

Custom features like brushed stainless steel or anodised aluminium can be intergrated for an architecturally designed feel.

For larger quantities or more information call 01206 843200 or email us at Info@nes-solutions.co.uk

Sign Systems Overview
This lays out the basic range of fabricated signs we offer.
Interior Signs - Legio System
The simpliest and cheapest of the systems. The face of the system is framless with invisible fixings. The aluminium core of the porducts provides durability and strength. The panel itself can be faced with digitally printed vinyl, powder coated aluminium or brushed stainless steel. This system is not changable without replacing the panel.
Interior Signs - Decurion
This system is similar to the above with the ability to update the information via paper inserts or slide in digitally printed slips. The modified acrylic offers anti scratch and anti shatter properties while maintaining optical clarity. The reverse printed vinyl backer makes unrestricted full colour control of your visual branding possible.
Interior Signs Accord System
One of the most traditional and robust of the changable wayfinding systems. Liked and trusted by businesses, schools and institutions accross the world.
Interior Signs - Arcadia System
Interior Signs Full View System
External Signs - Pole and Plank System
External Signs - Convex Monolith System
External Signs - Finger Post System
External Signs - D Sign System
External Signs - External Lockable Cabinet
Displays - Snap Frame
Displays - Lockable Poster Frame

Wayfinding Systems Example Projects

Follow links below to review some of our recent works

Please call 01206 843200 or email info@nes-solutions.co.uk for pricing.