Southmere Library

Southmere Civic & Library Building.
Description: This project was taken on as a turnkey design, manufacture and installation service. The sub structure for the rails was insulated panels by others. The fixing system used was the "NES Secret Fix System - PPSF02". There was the concern that the maintenance of the LEDs would be a challenge with such large panels in front of them. To solve this NESA designed bespoke locking brackets that allow the panels to be removed 300mm from the wall while still mechanically fixed to the rails.
The LEDs feature elliptical lenses 5 x 50 degrees. They are mounted in vertical lines with louvres to stop the light bleed through the holes from blinding people. The light bounces off the supporting panel and then is visible through the holes.

Scope: 550 sq. m of aluminium cladding. Perforated and back lit.
Client team: Bisset Adams architects
Lead Contractor: Durkan.


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