Fixing Systems

NES Architectural offer; Secret Fix Rainscreen, Secret Fix Hook Pin Rainscreen, Through Face Fix Cassette Rainscreen, Pressed Plank Cladding and Bespoke Rainscreen systems.

Our innovative rainscreen systems provide innovative jointing techniques that may be installed either by horizontal or portrait alignment, allowing for dynamic loading and thermal expansion stresses.

Tongue And Groove Cladding Systems remove the costs of a hanging bracket while maintaining an invisible fix method. The capability for thermal expansion is achieved by sloting the top edge of the cladding panel and manually fixing the base. The typical height of a tongue and groove system is 145-325mm. The material thickness is approximately 0.7mm for steel and 0.9mm for aluminium. Due to the continious horizontal top hat section behind the grooved cladding planks the width can be up to 8m.

In House 3D CAD Design is fundamental to offering rapid and exacting detailing on all of our systems.

Fixing Systems Example Projects

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