LED Light Walls

Create 'walls of light' for advertising or architectural lighting schemes.

Shades of white light as well as colour changing RGB LEDs are all available to create unique and eye catching displays.


We have experiance illuminating Polycarbonate, Glass, Digitally printed glass, Translucent Stone, Decoran, Corian and Punched metal


Our Ultra LED Light Panels offer extremely thin and robust lighting. Alternatively Matrix LED Light Panels are unparrelled in light output and value for money.


The structural support for the LED Light Panels and illuminated surface is vital in order to prevent witness marks, pass structural calculations, enable an effective maintenance strategy and match with the wider scheme.


Feature Walls, Reception desks, Floors, Ceilings, Kitchen Splash backs, Shelves, Artificial windows and Columns.

If you would like more information or to get a formal quotation, please get in touch with Michael Irwin, Sales Manager, by emailing Michael@nes-solutions.co.uk

LED Light Walls Example Projects

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For pricing please call 01206 843200 or email Mat Cork, Account Manager, on matthew.cork@nes-solutions.co.uk