6 Bevis Marks - LED Light Box

This highly prestigious new build project bought together leaders in the construction space. The original design featured Structuran. This is a recycled glass product manufactured in Germany. Fletcher Priest Architects used the unique texture and refraction of this surface to make the square geometry of the building stand out. The glass is framelessly fixed with undercut anchor fixings. This in effect means the 20mm thick glass sheets have to float as a rain screen façade.

For the building signage Fletcher Priest Architect wanted this to be truly integrated with the building rather than tacked on as an after thought. This was achieved by sandblasting the back painting off the glass to form the letters "VI BEVIS MARKS". This was then back illuminated with an external Technic LED Light Panel. Edge lighting rather than back lighting was critical to the success of this element due to the gap of only 25mm between the internal face of the glass and the structural steel girder. As the LED Light Panel was between the rain screen cladding and the damp proof membrane of the building it had to be IP rated. Also the translucent green on the logo and opal diffuser needed to be integrated into the LED Light Panel Build. The brightness, reliability and even illumination of the product proved critical to the success of this sign.

NES worked closely with Lindner Facades Ltd to ensure a smooth integration of the facade and the LED Lighting.

The roof also features a winter garden canopy of ETFE pillows in a dramatic wave shaped canopy. The long life, ability to form compound curves and lightweight properties of EFTE are ideal for this. In this semi enclosed space the acoustic properties of ETFE to absorb sound rather than echo is critical to the enjoyment of the space.

Project team:

Scope: Design, manufacture and installation of LED Light Panels to building facade.

Client: AXA Real Estate and MGPA

Lead Contractor: Skanska

Architect: Fletcher Priest Architects

Facade Sub Contractor: Lindner Facades Ltd


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