Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles are known for their exceptional range of porcelain tile products with a retail shop and a design studio in Temple Fortune.

For their exhibition at the 100% design show in Kensington Olympia they wanted 3 LED light boxes to reinforce their brand from all directions. It was important the black in the logo was a true back. To provide this we used pre-painted Aluminium Composite Material (ACM). The logo was routed into this and backed up with opal acrylic. This was illuminated with our "Matrix LED Light Panel" product with a 6,000k colour temperature. The depth of the light boxes was just 50mm. This gave them the cutting edge architectural feel they were looking for, rather than the more traditional bulky 150mm fluorescent tube light boxes of old. The use of folded ACM allowed for a smooth corner as the face and returns was constructed from a single sheet. Each of the 3 light boxes is comprised of two halves for ease of transportation and installation. The 180 degree ACM joint is made seamless and flush with a bonded lap joint.

In addition to this latest exhibition we have provided fabric faced LED light boxes, freestanding fabric faced light boxes, external illuminated facades and projecting light boxes over the last few years. A combination of the highest quality, price and diligent customer service has driven this client relationship.

If you would like more information please get in touch with Bill Hiskett, Account Manager, by emailing Bill@nes-solutions.co.uk

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