Pan Peninsular

RGB LED Illuminated Onyx panels.

This system is fully integrated with a wireless Ethernet Raco system.

This allows the user to control the whole flat lighting from IPhone or IPad devices. Also the LEDs link dynamically via a sound to light system, responding to audio media system.

The onyx is 20mm blocks, through faced fixed. These brass point fixings go straight through the RGB LED Light Panels into the wall. This allows a frameless, evenly illuminated stone slab wall with a total build up depth of only 35mm.

There were a number of unique factors in this build that demanded the use of our flat panel LED Lighting:

1) No void behind the panels. This caused pressure on the panels from the fixings. As our Ultra LED Light Panels have an aluminium backer / reflector they resisted this would buckling or failure.

2) The onyx was wrapped around a fireplace at one end of the lounge and a fountain at the opposite end! The bespoke extruded aluminium heat sync prevented the LED from overheating even in these extreme conditions.

3) The ability to link up to a 0-10 v Dali control signal allowed seamless and instant control.

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