Westfield, Stratford City – 3200 sq. m illuminated soffits and bulkheads with LED light panels behind polycarbonate and glass bricks.

NES was commissioned by Westfield's in-house architects to design, manufacture and install two types of unique bulkhead feature panels (bricks and glass) to fit around the internal areas of the central and northern arcades of the shopping and lifestyle centre.

In doing so, NES has created the largest flat panels LED light installation in the UK to date. Over 3,200 sq. m of LED light panels were used, covering a staggering 3km.

NES designed and manufactured all the hanging systems, combined glazing systems, building cladding systems and of course, the flat panel lighting which itself represents over three years of in-house R&D.

NES were essentially given a three month install period but in real time managed to complete everything in just over eight weeks!

Lead contractor: Westfield
Subcontractor: Glazzard
Date of completion: 2012
Scope: 3200 sq. m


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