5 Broadgate UBS HQ

This ambitious project has a 20 meter external LED Light Wall behind structural glass.

In addition to the requirements of providing bright, even illumination there are 3 illuminated doors. This demanded the use of LED Light Panels sealed into the door units. The project was conceived back in November 2011 with an architectural and client team from Make Architects visiting 3 London Light Wall installations by NES Lightline. Following the success of this the light design team NDYLight were bought on board. They specified the colour temperature, LUX, Lumens, CRI, Dali control functions and Candela. Galliford Try was appointed as lead contractor and Seele was appointed as the facade contractor in 2012. NES worked in close partnership with Seele on the build details to seamlessly fit the Ultra LED Light Panels into their EWS unitised glazing system. At this stage Seele were highly reliant on guidance from NES to ensure the diffusion zones and specification of the interlayered glass was correct for diffusion purposes on the CAD model. Achieving the brightness levels through the interlayered double glazed unit with low-e coating was a major challenge. The punch from our Ultra LED Light Panel was essential to achieve this. In addition the reliability of having a thick extruded heat sync riveted to the acrylic Light Guide Plate.

Project team:

Client: UBS

Lead Constractor: Mace

Facade Contractor: Seele GMBH

Light Designer: NDYLIGHT

Architect: Make Architects

Luminaire Specification:

Brightness of 600cd/m2

Illuminance: 150 LUX

Brightness: ≥ 1000lm

CRI: ≥ 85

Colour Temp: 4000K

Dimmable up and down (from 0-100%)

Evenness of illumination +/-5%

Capable of taking public traffic and vandalism with a suitable IK-rating.

IP-rated to prevent dust and water ingress

Typical Lamp life: 30,000 - 50,000hrs

No visible light flicker.

Heat synced to resist temperature variation +40°C / -20°C

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