McDonald's - Oxford Street

NES were lucky enough to be a small part of this fantastic project. This involved the design, manufacture and installation of glass "Light Frame" LED Light Boxes to the walls and tension PVC LED Light Boxes to the ceiling. Finally Glass "Light Frame" LED Light Boxes were installed to the desk counter fronts.

The store has been completely stripped out and refurbished as the all new UK flagship concept store.
The Australian Design House "Landini Concepts" reveals a new look concept every 1-2 years for Mc Donald's. This years this is called "Ray" in a clever spin on the founder of Mc Donald's Ray Kroc.
The concept is for a high class, paired down take on the high impact Mc Donald's brand. This is designed to create a more relaxing environment that appeals to the evening dining audience as well as the more traditional take away niche. The focus here is the quality of the user experiance.

The Lighting Design consultants had a broad set of challenging criteria including:
• CRI 80+ This refers to the colour rendering of the light compared to daylight. This effects the saturation of colours near the light box.
• 5 year warranty
• 100mm depth
• IP65
• 11mm bezel to the fames
• Dimmable
• 2500 LUX
• Impact resistance in line with BS 6206. The minimum requirement was for 6mm toughened glass. This was increased to 8mm toughened low iron glass. This allows for resistance of a centrally applied force of 1350 N. There is diffusing vinyl laminated to the reverse of this glass.
• Easy maintenance. The store is open 24 hours per day 4 days of the week. The Light Frame panels on the wall and the tension PVC light boxes on the ceiling can be removed from in the store and swapped out for a stock replacement unit in a single visit.

NES had the "Light Frame" extrusion on the shelf in 6 meter lengths. This enables an extremely quick turnaround time for such an ambitious and important project.

The quality, professionalism and strength of the Mc Donald’s supply chain was truly world class.

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