Merry Hill Shopping Centre

Glass entrance portals 8 meters tall, RGBW LEDs, sheets over 1800mm wide... what's not to love?!

NES Designed and Fabricated 4 entrance ways for Merry Hill Shopping Centre's extensive refurbishment.

The "goal post" archways use NES' proprietary "LED Light Frame" extrusion. This enabled 8mm toughened low iron glass to be used with a class 0 fire rating. The horizontal bezels were milled back to limit the visual disruption of having a joint along the short edge. Inside each unit has RGBW LED modules that are rated to IP67. This enables the units to be ventilated, mediating the risk of condensation in cold weather.

The facade has RGBW flexi-strip addressable in groups of 3. This enables the Pharos building light management (BLM) system to control the facade and entranceways in concert with the ArtNet DMX protocol.

The ground floor panels have an inverted hook-on system. This allows them to be removed without taking off the panels above.

Wider panels on the largest entrance required structural silicone bonding to hold the thickener interlayered glass in place. These huge sheets are still fitted to an invisible fix hook-on system. The back half of the unit can be unhooked leaving the back tray with LEDs accessible for maintenance.


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