The Colonnades I-LED Light Wall

The Colonnades Shopping Centre - Bayswater

Porchester Walk - I LED Feature Lighting

This is for a new and prestigious shopping centre in Bayswater. The lead tenant Waitrose has the main frontage. The other units are accessible via the Porchester Walk passage open to the public 24 hours a day. The concept is to entice members of the public into the passage and increase the visual interest and light in the space. Clearly the need to maximise the amount of usable windows was a commercial imperative. DLG Architects solution was to clad the structural columns with diffusing glass framelessly spanning some 2.7 meters in height. This was conducted through a close consultation with the NES design and technical teams over a 2 year period. One of the key focal points was the corner column. In this area the Matrix LED Light Panels were specifically cut around the glazing brackets. This proved extremely important in throwing the Light to the edge of the glass to glass corner. The ceiling has two extruded aluminium LED linear strips. These have extruded PMMA acrylic clip in covers for easy cleaning and maintenance. The 2 strips run the 38 meter length of the passage on a single programme. To provide dynamic lighting effects and "future proofing" individually addressable LEDs were proposed. This enables each of the 15,000 RGB LEDs in the passage to be controlled either directly through a laptop or following a pre-recorded routine via the controller SD Cards. The below test program images show a colour wash fade however; video media, animation, text or interactive effects are all possible with the installed hardware.

See the Youtube Video here

Project team:

Client: Optic Asset Management Limited

Lead Contractor: Midas

Design: DLG Architects LLP

Subcontractor: NES Solutions


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