Jardine Lloyd Thompson

With ISG and M Moser Associates the NES major projects team designed, manufactured and installation this impressive 75m x 3m LED Light Wall.

The entrance to the London Jardine Lloyd Thompson Head Quarters is on the ground floor of The St Botolph Building, 138 Houndsditch. When you enter you follow the curved LED Light Wall, down the escalators and into the lower ground floor there are meeting rooms and a lift to take you to other parts of the building. The idea is to bring large amounts of neutral low glare, high lumens "daylight" to the core of this lower ground atrium. Following the installation, the LED Matrix Panels on the ground floor side entrance were so bright the lead tenants to the building insisted these were turned down!

Toughened, low iron glass was used. This ensures the light is crisp and clean.

The illumination is from our powerful Matrix LED Light Panels. The output of these panels is 7,000 Lumens per sq. m. The light transmission of the diffusing vinyl that backs up the glass is 38%. All LED maintenance is conducted via removable access panels to the back. This allows minimal disturbance of the glass joints and stainless steel fixing channels for maintenance.

The 6 meter double height escalator, Dali controls and seamless convex / concave curves were technically challenging. Draped glass rather than the clamped and curved glass was used to achieve this.

Particular attention was paid to the 180 degree glass-to-glass joints. Historically we had always used silicone bubble joins in this element. M Moser wanted to do better; our response was a combination of both PMMA dry joint for light diffusion and a silicone finishing detail to provide the smooth external face detail. This joint has a width of 4mm, diffuses light, prevents light bleed and is smooth to the touch. Detailed specification on this joint is available for architects and designers.

Critical details preventing light bleed, ensuring even illumination, high light transmission and consistent colour temperature binning sets apart the NES ‘LED Light Wall’ product.


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