Patina Surfaces

Patinated surfaces are the result of patina and oxidization on the transformative materials listed below.
These finishes will continue to grow and change as they weather.
These finishes are very popular with both architects and designers due to the character and depth of colours possible.
NES are able to offer you a massive range of different patina materials. This is also available through a number of different processes. For ease of comparison NES offer all of these specialist finishes in all of our cladding products.

For example you can see:

Chemically rusted real Corten Weathering Steel. NES are able to strip and chemically rust the Corten Steel in a factory environment in a matter of hours. This is to closely controlled colour, texture and adhesion levels. This allows real Corten to be sold looking it's best from day one. There are other benefits to opting for a pre-rusted Corten cladding panel:
1) The rusted layer has significantly less surface runoff of newly formed rust.
2) The rust layer is formed all at the same time. This means grease, water streaks and bird foul will not discolour the patina as it forms.
3) The rusted layer is complete, so no areas will sit un rusted.
4) The formed rust is harder as following the chemical rusting process the panel is scrubbed to remove poorly adhered oxide on the surface.

Following the chemical rusting we can apply a clear matt lacquer for internal applications. Externally the Corten should not require a lacquer in all but the most exposed of environments.
NES offer a Blackened Steel Corten product. As far as we know we are the only company to offer you this finish. The blackening is a chemical blackening of the rust layer. This can be varied to create dark brown or black finishes. The texture of the rust is accentuated by the dark blackened colour pallet. Again it is possible to have this protected with clear matt lacquer layers or wax layers for more traditional clients.

Real Patina of Brass, Bronze and Copper. This is achieved with submersion baths to ensure there are no surface tension effects on the part. Our bath size is up to 3000 x 1200mm. There are yellow, brown and black patina colours that can be used to create the particular finish required.
Finally the manual radial polishing process can be used to take off layers of patina. This creates a very mottled array of deep colours. Very quickly patinas that would have taken 15-25 years to form can be created. As a top coat NES offer solvent lacquers or clear matt nano lacquer protective surfaces.

Powder coated Patina Effect Aluminium surfaces. This has two or 3 different colours of textured powder coating paint. This has a depth of colour previously impossible. The 25 year warranty and homogeneous finish is important to some applications.

Pre-painted Patina effect PVDF aluminium. This is available in a handful of colours including bronze/ Corten patina. The sheets are available off the shelf in 3 x 1.5m. The paint is flexible so they can be cut and folded in quick turnaround. From a distance the colour looks to be a fairly consistent bronze however, on closer inspection you can see the organic flecks of the digitally printed 'patina' in the material. The sheet has a BBA certificate, 20 year warranty, 40 year expected lifetime and non-flammable class 1 testing approvals.

Spray metal provides another dimension for patina effect finishes. Essentially the process involves wet spraying metal filament mixed up in a styrene liquid. After it has been applied to the sub straight the styrene layer if dressed back to reveal the shiny metal layer. This layer can then be oxidised and or lacquered as the real metal surface would be normally. This finish excels where 3D applications would make the real metal too expensive, heavy or difficult to work into the desired shape. The layer of spray metal is porous and therefore, not ideal for external usage.

Welded Spray metal. This process uses reels of wire alloy. The welder heats the wire to a liquid, then a compressed air line jets the molten metal droplet onto the substrate. The finish is then polished to bring out the shine of the metal finish. Be that copper, brass or bronze. Due to the mix of alloys needed to form the wire, the finished layer is not pure. This causes the finish to be slightly different to solid metal however, the finished layers can be extremely hardwearing.

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Stocked samples:
• Corten Weathering Steel - Mill finish, Rusted, Rusted and lacquered.
• Blackened Corten Steel - With lacquer or wax finish
• Brass - Full range of patina finishes available.
• Pre-painted Patina effect PVDF aluminium
• Patina effect dual colour anodising - Full range of patina finishes available.

Samples available on a lead time via specific agreement:
• Bronze
• Copper
• Powder coated Patina Effect Aluminium
• Spray metal
• Welded Spray metal

We can provide detailed case study information and prices for all of the above options.

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Patina Surfaces Example Projects

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Typically we like to offer a range of materials, fixing systems and finishes.

These should be broken down into:
• Survey
• Design (drawing up, workshop drawings and structural calculations)
• Manufacture
• Installation.

For jobs under 100 square meters we would generally offer a supply only price. This is due to the project overheads of RAMS, project managers, legal contractual’s, credit insurance, design detailing, site liability insurance etc. We have a list of accredited installation contractors through the UK that we can make available in these instances.