Old Church Street

Anodised aluminium Window Reveal cladding and Spandrel Panels.

This refurbishment transformed the 60's concrete shell into 8 luxury flats. The bronze anodised window reveals are key to the entire new look and feel of the development. This build proved so popular every flat was sold on the 1st day of release to the market.
The building lifetime and timeless qualities of the cladding ensure that the build stands up to the test of being on the oldest recorded street in Chelsea.
The building was formally a single office block owned by British Land. The project was delivered on time despite demanding, last minute adjustments to the 3d aperture sizes.

Project details:
Scope: Bronze anodised window reveals. Bronze anodised spandrel panels and louvres, Anodised windows, Bronze anodised and digitally printed main building sign.
Client: JV with Native Land and Benprop UK Ltd
Lead Contractor: Beck Interiors
Architect: MSMR Architects
Competition date: 2011

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