Blackened Mild Steel

For Internal Applications only:
• Cold rolled mild steel is grey. We offer a blackened version of this. Cold rolled steel is hot rolled steel that has been re heated, rolled, pickled in acid to remove the mill scale and then oiled to reduce rust in transit and storage. The oil gives a slight blue tint in some lights. You tend to get interesting colours from the mix of the elements in the alloy. The way the oil sits on the surface also creates unique colouration effects. The steel is porous absorbing different amounts of oil depending on temperature and the mix of the alloy. You can even get some sheets that have rust pockets on. It is also smoother and flatter due to the secondary processing that brings in some of the tolerances. During the processing there is a degreasing process however, this only takes off the oils that are on the very surface. The max thickness of cold rolled steel is typically 3mm.
• Hot rolled steel is also grey. The cooling process causes a hard mill scale to form on the surface of the metal. This is highly unique to the panels. This surface is rough with a lot of texture. The thickness of hot rolled steel is greater typically 2mm 30mm.

• Finishing:
• NESA offer a clear bees wax top coat of this as standard. This just stops finger prints.
• We can apply a more robust solvent lacquer for high traffic areas. This has a class 0 surface spread of flame certificate from Warrington Exova . The thickness of the solvent lacquer can detract slightly from the surface quality (it looks a little glossy due to the layer thickness of ~100 microns). The ability of this surface to absorb quite large scratches is impressive.
• We can also offer a clear mat nano lacquer . This is a ~ 5 micron layer and therefore, almost invisible.


Blackened Mild Steel Example Projects

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Please contact for specific pricing. This is for internal applications only on products manufactured by NESA. This is generally for wall cladding not furniture. Projects under 300 sq. m can only be offered on a supply only basis.