Ely Museum

Winner of the 2022 RIBA East award, and the 2022 RIBA Conservation Award for East Anglia!

NESA was pleased to be part of this renovation and extension of Ely Museum, transforming the Grade 2 listed former Gaol and its surroundings. The project that re-opened to the public in 2021, increased the floor area available for displays, created a new multi-purpose space for education and community programmes, and restored historic features previously hidden from view.
Hat Projects who are also based in Colchester, worked closely with NESA from the beginning. The design was on a tight budget to enable an ambitious 3D design to be realised. This directly complimented the feature of anodised aluminium to appear different colours depending on the angle of incidence.
NESA even anodised the curtain walling for the glazing supplier to match

Go and have a look for yourself at www.elymuseum.org.uk! The nearby cathedral is also a gothic master piece.

Copper Anodised Aluminium in AnoCopper03 Matt etch finish.
40 year warranty, 80 year expected lifetime.

Project details:
Lead contractor: Carter Builders
Architect: Hat Projects
Scope: Survey, design and supply of cladding panels


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