Our 90,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility provides specifiers and architects with solutions utilising curved, linear, shaped forms in flat or profiles sheet. All panels are complete and ready for site installation.

NES Architecturals’ design team offer a free design consultancy on the appropriate fixing system, material and finish for the job. Beyond this general arrangement drawings and development prototypes are frequently called on for demanding and unique designs.

We have unique facilities including the UK’s longest CNC metal guillotine and press brake (both 8m).

The Elumatic suite of machines includes double mitring cross saws, an 8m CNC extrusion line and a mortising machine.

Our MIG and TIG welders are capable of dressing back welds to create invisible joins between powder coated or sprayed sheets. Our brand new MIG welding bays feature duel pulse technology. This allows for high temperature welding without heat distortion of the sheet. In addition to this our capacitor discharge stud welding equipment allows for invisible fixings to be quickly applied to flat sheet rainscreen cladding.

2015 has seen the installation of a 4m x 2m water jet cutting machine capable accuracy +/-0.1mm on aluminium, steel, acrylic or Marley Eternit fibre cement board up to 60mm thick.

Drawing capability includes full 3D CAD modelling that interfaces directly with out fabrication plant.

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Cladding and metalwork fabrication equipment:

• 8 meter brake press. This is used for folding up supporting structures and dishpans. Supporting brackets can be folded from up to 12mm mild steel. 250 tons pressure.

• 4 meter brake press. As above but smaller.

• 4.1m roller. This can be used to fabricate 360 degree columns as it has a removable end. Also cones can be formed by altering the height of 1 of the 3 rollers.

• 3m CNC roller. This allows digital control of the bend radii. Min diameter 300mm

• 1.2m hand roller. This is for diameters of ~100mm

• 4m x 2m water jet cutter. This can cut components out of 250mm mild steel or 150mm stainless steel. It is accurate to +/- 0.1mm. We frequently use this to make custom brackets for our hanging systems.

• 8 meter guillotine. This is able to cut 5mm stainless steel.

• Eckold forming machine. This allows sheet, profiles or tubes to be formed in 3 dimensions. Essentially a panel beater.

• Extrusion roller. This is designed for rolling extrusion. There is a tendancy for some extrusions to migrate off if they are not symmetrical. We can use polycarbonate to prevent complex extrusions from collapsing.

• Welding bays – MIG, TIG and Capacitor Discharge Stud.

• Grinding experts. This is for the dressing back of welds before powder coating or anodising.

• Powder coating line. This is for some of the larger sheets that we do.

• CNC routers. We have a number of flatbed CNC routers up to 3 meter x 2m in size. These can be used for the routing, CNC cutting, v-cut routing or hogging out of ACM, Cementitious Board, Aluminium, MDF, Acrylic or Foamex.

Elumatic machines - designed for extrusion fabrication work:

• 8m CNC 6-headed machine centre. This is for cutting grooves in extrusion, removing unneeded parts and drilling fixing holes accurately. Any horizontal milling.

• Elumatic punch. This is is for removing sections of the extrusion.

• Corner Crimping Machine – This crushes the aluminium into the corner cleat. This makes a waterproof, perfect corner joint with no screws or alignment issues.

• 8 meter, 2 piece cutting saw. This allows for 2 angles (normally 45 degrees) to be cut simultaneously into a piece of extrusion. This is very helpful as manual measuring and saw blade alignment is labour intensive and frequently inaccurate.

• Schucco punch and crimping machine. This is specifically for Shucco extrusions.

Finishing and graphics equipment:

• Automatic Kedar Sewing Machine. This can stitch rubber, 4 pleat PVC banners or silicone Kadar.

• 2.4m width UV printer. This can print on ACM, Foamex, Correx, PVC, Mesh, Viinyl or Polyester Fabric. This can print roll to roll up to 100m in length. The output is approximately 30 sq. m per hour.

• 1.5m x 3m UV printer. This can print on ACM, Foamex, Correx. This can print roll to roll up to 100m in length. The output is approximately 20 sq. m per hour.

• LED Capability. We have a massive stock of lensed and backlighting LEDs. We also have programming and fabrication capability.

Capability Example Projects

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