Time Square Warrington

This is a showcase for anodised aluminium. 3D pyramids have been formed from 2mm J57S aluminium. These have been anodised to 3 different bronze anodised colours and 2 dye colours. Each of the pyramids refracts light at a different angle. Due to the fact anodising is a 'live' surface the colour is dependant on the angle of incidence it is viewed from. This mean the pyramids produce 4 different colours per pyramid. This makes 20 different shades at a minium at any one time. The client was inspired by Liverpool university bronze anodised facade.

The cladding provides the new facade for the Cineworld cinema re-shaping the heart of Warrington town centre.

Project details
Date: 2018 - 2019
Developer: Muse Developments
Lead contractor: Vinci Construction
Architect: Leach Rhodes Walker
Facade Contractor: NES Solutions
Scope: 1,300 sq. m


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