Gatwick Station

NES Architectural is currently on site at Gatwick Station.
The scope of works includes: Design, manufacture and installation of brushed, gold anodised aluminium. Stove enamelled cladding forms part of the package for the lower level product.

In addition to the cladding works, NES have been awarded the design, manufacture and installation of signage and wayfinding for the station. This includes illuminated LED Light Boxes. Push through text, Totems etc.

To comply with the stringent Bomb Blast requirements, the NESA design team came up with unique and patented collapsible bracket design. This has now been patented and is available directly or via franchise agreement.

The centre piece of the cladding is the brushed gold anodised "AnoAli AnoGold02" there is a combination of hole patterns on the triangles to create triangles within triangles. Mineral wool has been used to create acoustic panels that improve the quality of the busy environment.

Embossing (or Debossing) has been used at lower levels to prevent finger entrapment. The face of the aluminium has a "Structured Surface" in the form of the brushing. This is a form of polishing that makes the panels more reflective.


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