Anodised Aluminium Cladding

NES Architectural specialises in the fabrication of large format anodised cladding. Our expertise in the different surface effects, care in fabrication and potential economies that can be achieved is unparalleled.

This has resulted in a number of award winning projects in both the top UK developments and internationally in Greece, Oman, China and New York.

We use highest grade J57S aluminium in all of our anodised projects. The open pored aluminium allows the anodising to form evenly and free from staining. We also ensure the aluminium used comes from a single ingot batch. Through these methods colour differentials are minimised between batches.

We have years of hard won experience in dealing with the J57S aluminium during fabrication. This ensures heat or physical attrition does not affect the finished anodised cladding.
The ability to intergrate graphics into the facade itself has proved extremly popular with architects, clients and the general public. Please see our metal finishes page for a full description.

When imitation anodising looks are needed we have a comprehensive range of PVDF paint options available. This is commonly available in Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) however, traditional polyester powder coated anodised effect colours are common.

For larger projects we have access to pre-anodised aluminium. This has a number of advantages including; price, 8 meter sheet length and consistency of colour. This carries a minimum order quantity of 600 sq. m and has a 15 rather than 25 micron anodised layer.

If you would like more information please get in touch with Michael Irwin, Account Manager, by emailing

Aluminium, with its exceptional recyclability, minimal maintenance and proven lifetime performance, successfully responds to the need for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

In building applications, aluminium virtually always requires surface treatment. Yet, the choice of surface treatment of aluminum is as important as the choice of the material itself.

Anodising enhances the natural qualities of aluminium still further; it permits a strongly contemporary finish with incomparable corrosion and abrasion resistance. Unique amongst surface treatments, such as coatings, anodising is totally integrated with the metallic substrate - it is not simply a film applied to cover the surface. The result - pure aluminium - is a perfectly and repeatedly recyclable material with remarkable performance characteristics.

These same exceptional qualities can be found in new product applications in anodising, which now provide new and infinite texture and design possibilities for building exteriors.

The modern, aesthetic beauty of anodised aluminium is founded on its many unique properties. Anodising is a transparent finish integral with the metal, which retains and enhances the inherent beauty of the aluminium; it is totally UV resistant.

A totally homogeneous appearance can be guaranteed, thanks to the nature of the anodising process and the very tight quality controls on both the aluminium and the surface treatment. Colours, textures and patterns can be incorporated in the anodic film, enhancing the natural metallic appearance without affecting the total UV resistance.

The ’’living’’ quality of its natural metallic sheen, combining texture with - colour, guarantees a creative interaction of the surfaces and shapes of the building with the constantly changing light conditions through the day and across the different seasons.

The anodic layer will retain its original beauty and protection against corrosion throughout the life of the building - as proven by independent inspection of buildings of more than 30 years old.

The 15 key advantages of anodised aluminium:

• Natural metallic sheen and aspect
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Over 40 years of proven long-term on-site performance
• Exceptional abrasion resistance
• No risk of adhesion failure of the anodic film
• No risk of fading
• No risk of chalking
• No risk of filoform corrosion
• Preservation of the original surface texture and design
• Optimal surface coverage
• Anodic film is totally impermeable
• On-site quality control possible without creating surface damage in testing
• 100% recyclable
• Production process can be carried out in accordance with latest environmental standards
• Lifetime Guarantee available (see guarantee)

We offer the following anodising colours:

• Natural (silver) anodising
• Bronze anodising
• Gold anodising
• Black anodising
• Blue Grey Anodising

Rain Screen Cladding Systems will typically have the following benefits:

• Speed of installation
• Wide variety of materials, finishes and colours
• Cost effective solution
• High levels of fire, acoustic and thermal performance
• Highly resistant to all weathers

Max sheet size:

2 meters x 7 meters.

Fixing systems:

• Invisible fix hook on system with pins
• Invisible fix hook on system with hooks
• Dishpan with through face fix
• Interlocking plank
• Bespoke fixing system

Anodised Aluminium Cladding Example Projects

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Please call 01206 843200 for a quotation or directly email:

The more information that can be provided, the faster, more accurate and definitive we can be with our pricing.
Ideally, a full drop box including CAD, .pdf, architectural visualisations and NBS Specifications will be provided.
Typically we like to offer a range of materials, fixing systems and finishes.

These should be broken down into:
• Survey
• Design (drawing up, workshop drawings and structural calculations)
• Manufacture
• Installation.

For jobs under 100 square meters we would generally offer a supply only price. This is due to the project overheads of RAMS, project managers, legal contractual’s, credit insurance, design detailing, site liability insurance etc. We have a list of accredited installation contractors through the UK that we can make available in these instances.