Column Cladding

NES Architecturals ability to roll brushed or polished stainless steel column casings at 4.2m is extremely popular.

Eight meter long circular column casings can be manufactured as single formed items.

In addition to our big roller we have a number of other rollers each with their own partucular niche's and strengths:

• 4.2m roller. This has recently been skimmed for flattness on mirror polished stainless steel columns. The end is demountable. This allows for full 360 degree columns to be formed from a single piece. The 3rd roller can be adjusted in angle. This allows cones to be formed. The strength of the motor allows for steel of up to 6mm to be rolled and aluminium up to 10mm in thickness.

• 3m CNC roller. This is kept speicifically for Aluminium Composite Meterial (ACM). The diameter is 300mm min. This roller is kept just for the softer metal to ensure and extra smooth finish. So much so we can digitally print directly onto the ACM and then roll the sheet into a curved cladding panel or column casing without damaging the print. Normally the only way of getting a full colour digital print onto a column like this would be to apply vinyl.

• Extrusion roller. This has a number of different wheel attachements. Each attachment is for a different box section, L-Section, H-Section or more complex extruded profile. We can also roll more complex extrusions with the addition of polycarbonate fillets to prevent collapsing.

1.2mm hand roller. 100mm dia. This is useful for flashing and architectural detailing.

The large scale, quality and consistency of our machines combined with skilled technicians is key to our success in this specialism.

If you would like more information please get in touch with Michael Irwin, Account Manager, by emailing

Column cladding materials:

• Powder coated Aluminium
• Brushed or mirror polished stainless steel
• Aluminium Composite Material
• Anodised aluminium
• Corten Steel

Max sheet size:

2 meters x 8 meters.

Fixing systems:

• Invisible fix hook on system with pins
• Invisible fix hook on system with hooks
• Dishpan with through face fix
• Bespoke fixing system


Column Cladding Example Projects

Follow links below to review some of our recent works

For pricing please call 01206 843200 or email Michael Irwin, Account Manager

The more information that can be provided, the faster, more accurate and definitive we can be with our pricing.
Ideally, a full drop box including CAD, .pdf, architectural visualisations and NBS Specifications will be provided.
Typically we like to offer a range of materials, fixing systems and finishes.

These should be broken down into:
• Survey
• Design (drawing up, workshop drawings and structural calculations)
• Manufacture
• Installation.

For jobs under 100 square meters we would generally offer a supply only price. This is due to the project overheads of RAMS, project managers, legal contractual’s, credit insurance, design detailing, site liability insurance etc. We have a list of accredited installation contractors through the UK that we can make available in these instances.