Blackened Stainless Steel

External Grade:
• NESA now offer hot blackening of grade 316 stainless steel for external usage. You can specify how consistent and dark you wish this finish to be.
• There will be some change in the blackening over the years as the FeO3 black oxide washes off, fades and mellows. Jet black is not possible or (for me) considered desirable.
• To create this finish the Chromium needs to be stripped from the face of the stainless steel so the metal back be oxidised in the patina baths. In the prescence of free air this layer then reforms quickly.
• We can leave the sheet mill, radial brushed or linear brushed.
• I have included a couple of interesting projects in New York that have used this exciting finish in the gallery.


Blackened Stainless Steel Example Projects

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